Chess and Math Tutoring

* Offering online and in-person private lessons


Hey, I’m Smaran! I’m in eighth grade, and I LOVE chess and math. I started this tutoring to let everyone enjoy these the way I do. When taught in a boring, non-interactive way, both of these are a pain to learn, but I guarantee you that after one class here you’ll love them! I’m super passionate about teaching and will make sure you get the most out of this tutoring by offering high-quality private lessons for only $15!

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Chess Lessons ($15 In-Person or Online)

Chess tutoring offered for complete beginners to those rated 1200
Get chess tutoring from an 1800+ rated player teaching tips, tricks, openings, gambits, puzzles, and MORE! Whether you’re a complete beginner, or have a solid understanding of the game, there’s lots to learn that will be taught in a fun, interactive way.

Math Lessons K-5 ($15 In-Person or Online)

Math tutoring offered for grades K-5
Learn from the class topper to get ahead of your grade and to be set up for middle and high school! I’ll help with homework, and get you familiarized with math that’ll help with future competitions.